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    Hello Friends,
    I’m currently trying to build a responsive onepaged website with a fixed navigation and a sidescrolling content-area.

    Since there are many websites out there which take use of this imho more natural way of navigating on mobile i’m certain that it’s possible to build and i am keen to try it.

    While searching the internets for guidance i came to the realisation that i wouldnt figure it out on my own. There are plenty of tuts and tips on sidescrolling and horizontal sites with a fixed witdth, but really nothing on responsive ones. And trust me i’ve looked.

    After tinkering around with an iframe and jquery i finally gave up on trying on my own.
    (jquery lets you manipulate same domain iframe contents which is still a bad idea)

    I decided to register @css-tricks, which contents helped me out many times before,
    to ask for your help, tips, tricks, ideas, guidance and general wisdom.

    Best Regards,


    Please refrain from spamming all over the forums,
    i need really specific advice not some CSS quiz.

    Any real help is still very much appreciated,

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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