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    A wordpress build for a recruitment consultancy with the following requirements, just curious as to what others would charge. Please state your price and what country your from as well as experience level.

    A home page with built in job search functionality, links to social media pages and associated recruitment companies also a live feed from twitter social network for quick live updates

    An about us page with company information

    A contact page with contact form (this can divert emails to different people/departments) map included

    A news/blog section in which company news and posts can be made from the back-end of the site by administrators

    Job categories section with descriptive information on the job categories that your company caters for.

    A downloads page where files can be easily managed from the back-end for visitors to download time sheets, terms and conditions etc

    A section to submit and upload a CV (these can be sent directly to a person and also stored in a database for retrieval and export at a later date)

    Thanks! :-)


    That’s not how you go about pricing a project. Also, people may charge differently based on their expenses, experience and cost of living.


    How do you go about pricing a project?


    The question is, after 2 years of asking the same thing in another discussion, how are you going about pricing a project?


    $5000. You welcome.

    But seriously.

    People are notoriously bad at estimating. It’s a scientific fact. The only way to perfect estimation is via trial and error. Or by adopting a model.

    It’s hard to give estimates when all we can go on is bunch of requirements (which are too abstract, by the way).

    Also pricing a job is not always just about development. What about: client meetings, design revisions, research, travel, etc… As you can see these things take time… and time is money.

    Hope that helps.


    @chrisburton I have already priced my job. I am simply curious what others charge.

    Thank you @Alen your comment was helpful.


    That’s understandable but what other people charge should have no influence as to what you charge. We all have different expenses (personal and business). Just because Allen would charge $5,000 does not mean I would. Allen might specialize in an area that I do not. My cost of living might be higher along with business expenses. You see what I’m getting at?

    My point is that this question seeks if YOU have priced closely to others. That is not the correct way to go about it.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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