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    I’m still working on this PokerZebra site, as some of you might remember.

    The only thing left now is actually the header!

    I use a custom font called “ChunckFive” – With @fontface

    My problem is that it is rendering differently in some browsers. How can i target specific browsers in my css, while speaking to my custom-font.

    eg. I would like to add some letter-spacing, but I only want to add it in Safari


    In Safari the gap between the <h1> and the <h2> in the top is waaay to big compared to Chrome or firefox.

    How can I solve these two minor problems?

    Also, if you notice anything odd please don’t hesitate to let me know (don’t mind the copy on the site)

    The site should “only” work in Chrome, Safari and Firefox for mac.

    Thanks once again guys! :)


    Don’t have a quick solution for the text thing, but you have 10 opening divs, but only 9 of them are being closed – this can certainly cause some major issues down the road.


    Ah, I see. The issue with the h tags is because you didn’t do a css reset. You’re going to have little issues like that around the site across a couple browsers. Might fix your letter spacing issue too. Also, make sure it validates



    Wow! Thank you very much.

    Setting the height to 8px worked perfectly!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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