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    I am new. I don’t know your protocol or etiquette. So, if this post is inappropriate please let me know and accept my apology aforehand.

    I have a WordPress site.
    I am using the Customizer theme.
    I have a page with a camping checklist of items that I want to make interactive for the user. As in whatever they check on one visit will show-up as checked on return visits. The only thing I need from this is the state of the checkbox for the user on return visits.

    I can do basic HTML, but have no javascript or php experience.

    Here is another site’s page that I want to emulate:

    Googling the topic seems like it should be easy to do. Am I asking for free coding that I should be paying for?



    It depends what you’ve been Googling and you’re own aptitude for picking up new things. If you haven’t landed on the term already, “LocalStorage” is probably what you need, so try Googling the term in context, such as “tutorial save form values localstorage”, and work through some of the guides you find.

    We can certainly help you with your own code here. Try knocking up a simple demo in CodePen if you run in to problems further to your research, and we can pitch in with improvements, suggestions or fixes.

    As for ready-made code that someone writes for you, that may or may not happen here. It depends if someone takes a personal interest in your particular task (again, the likelihood will increase if you start us off with a demo in CodePen to fiddle with).


    Hi Beverleyh, and thanks for the effort of your response.

    I did take your Google search phrase advice and am seeing what looks like relevant tutorials…

    except; 1) most assume I know something about coding, and 2)most seem to address only a few checkboxes. My list could have a hundred. Each with an ID and name, but still trying to figure out the javascript part. I am confident I can do the html part, and probably the css too.

    But anyway, I understand your point about offing something to critique first, so I will get back with that… maybe

    Yes, localstorage does seem to be the concept I want to use.

    Thanks again.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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