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    Does anyone know how to preserve line breaks in a text area? I’m having a problem in our custom CMS where when you type something in a text area in the back end, the line breaks don’t show up on the front end. So it’ll look like this in the back end:

    text area

    text area

    text area

    But will come out like this on the front end:

    text area text area text area.

    I know it’s possible since this forum is obviously doing it, but I just have no clue how. Does anyone have an idea?

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    It’s your custom CMS. How do you have your text fields set up?

    BTW, I had to edit your OP to get the original vertical ‘text areas’ to show properly so perhaps this forum isn’t the best example.

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    Where you output the string, something like:

    myString.Replace(“rn”, “

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    damnit… in the seconds parameter: < br > < br>

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