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    Need help on this one, mainly when we have to upgrade the plugin, we can easily put the changes to one of the plugins js files, back into place.
    The creator of the plugin (Automotive Listings a paid plugin part of a code canyon theme called just Automotive) suggested I check this thread for some leads:
    For my purposes, I’m thinking if I just had a changelog with line numbers where I made changes to the particular file, that might work.
    The file in the plugin is called listing.js, maybe I need to dequeue the file, but not sure that’s the easiest route.
    Looking for best practices ideas, to try and keep this simple, every time the plugin is upgraded, which is frequently so far, as it’s fairly new.


    I came up with a quick way to document my changes to the original plugins listing.js files. I commented all my changes with:
    // clientname
    In the end it was just knowing how to better use the notepad++ editor.
    1. Use Ctrl + F and search for clientname
    2. Click the button Find All in Current Document
    3. This opens a list of all the commented changes made to the document, in a panel at the bottom of the editor.
    4. From there you can copy all the changes by using Right click Select All and Copy.
    5. Copy all those commented changes along with their line numbers easily, to a local file for safe keeping and reuse.

    Caveat: Editing this file has to be redone on every plugin upgrade, unless you use some sort of file Difference checker compare the file to the previous versions listing.js in this case, and if there are no changes just copy in the edited version. Better than nothing either way.

    Who’s got something better :)~

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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