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    I have to create a Html sample page like this image linked here.

    [reference]( “sample image”)
    Can any just give me hint for “how html structure would be aligned” ?

    Calendar drop out , simple input box can be assume.

    How should i create placeholder like given in image here.


    here is a [pen]( outlining what i believe you are askingt


    I have to write a code which can run on ie7+ brower .
    how should i write code for placeholder which is given in sample page .
    [reference is here]( “reference is here”)
    Do i canvas rendering or something else ?




    >How do i apply css and css3 on given elements ?

    I’m sorry but this is such a basic question I’m surprised that you are even being asked to work on this project.


    This is a really quick and dirty [replication]( several issues you will face if you want ie7/8/9 support


    pen :

    Some of things , I am unable to do like :

    1.There should be no gap in between ‘today’ and ‘Tommorow’ button also both there is no gap between textbox of “data of journey” , i.e they both attached to text box.

    2.How I can make a vertical border to touch the search_icon(or there is no gap b/w search_icon and border) image.


    As Paulie_D said before – asking about such basic things won’t get you anywhere.

    If you really want to make this project work, you need to understand this, not just use The Copy-Pasteā„¢ method.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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