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    i’m a third year student and in order to get into my 4th year i need to get some work experience, i’m living in sweden and i’ve been looking for months and no one seems to want to take a chance on me because they are too busy to take the time to help me learn or they just aren’t bothered to hasle themselves, (which is what i think anyway) i’ve told them i’m willing to work for free and i do have a good bit of experience already. anyone have any ideas on what i could do to intice an employer or something?


    As others are saying, your best bet may be to get some experience making sites for local organizations (perhaps pick a non-profit organization that needs some help?). Also, consider being active online, posting on forums, in other people’s blogs, and perhaps even writing some articles on web related subjects. Add to your portfolio and actively demonstrate knowledge in the field, and it will be that much easier to find placement.


    Out of interest how did you go about setting up your own business? And have you had any difficulties doing so?

    I fear all the hurdles that come with it. Contracts, setting rates, chasing pay, taxes. Mainly all the legal bs which unfortunately is really important.


    If I remember correctly, I started primarily using this book (Amazon link: … ef=ed_oe_p) Obviously, whether the advice in the book applies to you depends on where you live… I believe the book covered primarily setting up a U.S. based business. It doesn’t go into a huge amount of detail, but I found it to be a good starting point and it set me up with some of the basics (contract, invoice, etc) that helped me get started. A lot of what I’ve learned about the business side of things is simply due to getting out there and getting my feet wet without too much advice, and learning as I go. Luckily for me, I don’t depend on my freelance work as my sole income, so I’ve had the opportunity to learn and grow without the pressure of having to make a certain amount of money per month.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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