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    I know a few ways of getting the width of an element (see Codepen below), but for a specific plugin I’m building, I need to get the width as it is assigned in CSS, because I need to assign it to another element.

    So, not the calculated or computed width in pixels, but the actual value that’s set in the CSS. If that’s “66%”, then the other element should also get a width of “66%” assigned to it. If it’s “100.5px”, then the other element should also get “100.5px”.

    Anyone know of a way of getting that value for an element? In the Pen below, I’d need to get “70%”.

    (PS I don’t need to calculate the percentage, so saying “divide element width by parent width and there you have it” is incorrect.)


    I modified this pen from an answer I found on SO:

    It gets the width attribute directly from the stylesheet. Here is the original thread on SO:

    Maybe that will work for you?


    Thanks @bearhead, I’ll give that a go. I believe I tried that sort of method before and although it worked (somewhat), it did create performance problems and some other conflicts. But let’s see….


    I think cssRules is the way to go too. But there seems to be something incorrect with the script on SO. I think it should be this :

    return [], function (rule) {

    Using sheet.rules is for old IE, I believe. Here’s a pen I made that also uses it – there is a small regex in there too in case of a selectorText with multiple identifiers :

    Some of it might be handy.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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