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  • # December 9, 2008 at 11:20 pm

    IF accessibility is not only means for people with disabilities . it’s too related too device compatibility then
    Can we make fully accessible sites on any device, any screen resolution, any browser ?

    What things should be adopted and avoided for this ?

    Consider these things :

      Transparent PNG[/list:u]
      CSS dropdown menu [/list:u]
      large background images[/list:u]
      how to control images scalability[/list:u]

    List of devices ,on those i want to make my site accessible:

      Windows PC[/list:u]
      MAC PC[/list:u]
      Linux PC[/list:u]
      Windows Mobile 6 os (Mobile)[/list:u]
      Anaroid os[/list:u]
      Symbian os[/list:u]
      Nintendo WII[/list:u]
      Sony PSP[/list:u]
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