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    IF accessibility is not only means for people with disabilities . it’s too related too device compatibility then
    Can we make fully accessible sites on any device, any screen resolution, any browser ?

    What things should be adopted and avoided for this ?

    Consider these things :

      Transparent PNG[/list:u]
      CSS dropdown menu [/list:u]
      large background images[/list:u]
      how to control images scalability[/list:u]

    List of devices ,on those i want to make my site accessible:

      Windows PC[/list:u]
      MAC PC[/list:u]
      Linux PC[/list:u]
      Windows Mobile 6 os (Mobile)[/list:u]
      Anaroid os[/list:u]
      Symbian os[/list:u]
      Nintendo WII[/list:u]
      Sony PSP[/list:u]
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    you can, you just have to make specific versions for specific devices. You wont beable to make one website that would automatically style itself to the device, you would have to code specificly for say, a WAP phone, which uses a version of the internet that I hate lol.. and so on.

    To try and have one page that everyone and anyone could go to without developing for the other technologies, would have to be a page of text, with maybe some colours. It would be very simple anyway.

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    I’m asking about only HTML supported device

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    I will be looking into this in the near future as my client wants to have the site available for mobile devices.

    it is a huge site just now, so I think I will be working on this for a while

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