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    Is there any way to find out about the keywords people used in search queries that ended up them finding the given website (potential competitors, so I doubt they are happy to share Google Analytics with you)?

    This will be useful for SEO when planning what brand name, domain name, page titles etc. would be effective.

    # July 1, 2013 at 1:49 pm

    Maybe [SEOquake]( “”) is the tool you’re looking for?
    It has many options and plugins and delivers extensive SEO information that can be exported. I believe you can even compare a complete list of URL’s at the same time.

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    Are you looking at this for rankings or just to see what people are looking for? You can use Google AdWords to assess the strength of certain keywords and how many times people in an area search those specific keywords.

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    To see what people are looking for. Google AdWords is definitely what I need, thanks :) About SEOquake, I don’t want to install anything. Thanks too though!

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    You can also associate your webmaster tools with analytics property and then you’ll be able to see what search queries generate most impressions, clicks and CTR and what landing page that search query leads to. Quite useful info for SEO.

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    I already did that for my blog but analytics is giving me an information overload.

    This topic is about planning for a brand name and domain name, so can’t use analytics yet as there is no website yet. I need inspiration and I figured a good place for that inspiration would be what keywords people use to find websites alike :)

    # July 3, 2013 at 3:59 pm

    Inspiration for what? A web design firm? Or just a client site?

    For just keyword look ups – I second Google Adwords if you don’t currently have access to one of those SEO tools (like Raven).

    If it’s for a web design company, my recommendation would be don’t get too caught up on the name. I spent far too much time on my own business name and in the end it really didn’t matter. Delivering great work and being good to work with is the only thing that earned additional business. The #1 thing that matters is actually being able to say the name without having to clarify or spell it for someone.

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    Don’t have access to Raven, except the trial it’s too expensive.

    It’s for a website I want to make but not for web design or development but for one of my hobbies, probably reef keeping. Basically to give me something to do in PHP/ZF2 for experience and portfolio if nothing else, but I’d like it to be a success.

    About web design company names, good to know the name doesn’t matter that much. I’ve been trying to come up with something but in the end I like “CrocoDillon”, even though it might look childish or unprofessional.

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