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    I’ve developed a simple and functional web app for an optometrist, he likes it, in the meantime, he wishes that it could look better, here it is, fee free to give it a spin.

    So, I started to look for some student who’s good at CSS to help to improve its feel and look, but oh boy, i got all the ‘professionals’ with 15 or even 20 years of experiences offering service… can’t do it, offering little money is insulting to them, considerable amount eats up too much of the gig… hmm. your thoughts?

    Thanks as always.


    Everything is too far spaced out and feels out of line and dull. (No hate, we all learn from negativity!) You could brighten things up and throw a line or two in there to split things up. Especially the page with all the radio buttons, I can’t tell for the life of me which one I’m selecting due to the text being so far to the left.

    My honest opinion, is that you need to structure your elements a bit more carefully. Seems to be all over the place. Your tables have a width of 91%. Bizarre.


    Visit your local high school or college web dev class and offer them the oportunity in a form of contest. The student who produces the best design “according to your criteria” will win $500 and permanent job to do all your design work.


    On Topic:

    I hate to answer this kind of question. Because you’re gonna hate it.

    A student and a professional are the same. A professional is always a student. You’re always learning something new. You don’t pay a developer cheaper rates because they’re fresh out of college. You gotta remember, it’s their job. Not buts about it. A job in this industry will always vary in the grand scheme of money, but paying for cheaper will get you the cheap result. The worst way to become competitive is to sell yourself below everyone else to make it look like “you’re cheaper, so choose you!” – doesn’t work like that.

    Professionals are always learning. They’re students themselves. Regardless of the years of experience, after a year of learning CSS/HTML myself (Now my 7th year) I can safely say I’d charge you no less than that 20 year professional you’re talking about (and not because I’m arrogant about money, because I want to be able to afford to pay my bills!)

    To add to that, you’re willing to pay another developer to do your work that you have been asked to do, as a developer? Seems like an unreasonable turn in profit (if any) doing it this way for such a small problem. Things could easily be fixed with bit of cleaning & brushing up of your CSS skills :)

    If you must at all costs and it’s absolutely necessary, lookup freelancing websites such as FreelanceSwitch where you can post the job for a price and a munch of developers will ask to take up the job. Then you select who!


    Close it?

    Sure, no problem.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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