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    Hello everyone!
    I’m sorry if I put this in the wrong section, please move it if necessary.

    I’m building a site with WordPress and I’m new to all this.

    I’ve got 2 problems to deal with.

    First Problem

    I have an issue with my site’s footer. For some reason whenever I activate a certain plugin that I need, the background continues under the footer. I tried contacting the author for days but he hasn’t helped yet.

    Anyway, it does this only on the main homepage and not anywhere else on the whole site. Here’s how it looks like:

    Do you know what may cause this?

    Second problem

    I added SSL to my site so it’s https now (Cloudflare). However, in Developers Tools it says that a certain plugin was detected requesting an insecure stylesheet. So I click it and it goes to (index) in the Sources tab of Developers Tools. It shows me that the below request uses http instead of https:

    So I suppose if I manage to edit it and replace http with https this may be solved. Developer Tools shows all this in HTML though.
    My question is, which file do you think would contain all this information displayed there so I can edit it and add the https?

    I’ve been searching for so many hours!

    I would be grateful for your help!

    Thank you.


    We really can’t diagnose images and you don’t name the plug-in.


    Problem two solved. It appears a blank custom.css was uploaded to the uploads folder, so deleting it did the trick.


    Hey Paulie, sorry. The plugin that causes the first problem (background after footer) is WP Blog and Widget.


    …and what is that plugin supposed to do?

    A link is going to help enormously here.


    It adds a blog section to the site.
    Here’s the plugin’s link:


    Unfortunately, I don’t that’s not going to help.

    Without knowing what the plugin actually does to the CSS it’s hard to help.

    Do you have a live site we can take a look at?


    Unfortunately no, it’s still under construction.

    I can send you login details if you wish though.


    The image is really narrow to get an idea; I had a similar issue that may have been like this. I had created a container accidentally inside the footer that split the footer, adding the background inside the footer.

    However, I am not using WP to build my sites; so that might not be the issue.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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