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    I am wanting to re-use this photo animation/effect with CSS3/HTML5 instead of flash but am curious if anyone knows of something like this or similar that has already been done which I can download or purchase to use.

    The photos transition/animation at the top of the page here with the tile overlay effect:


    There this…I’m sure there are others.


    Although that is very cool, from what I can tell (ran it through to test) is that it only helps if you want to use the current state as a final without edits. I want to be able to edit the code to make changes, photo changes, colors, sizes, etc. With this conversion it converts it to a TON of what is to me gibberish code that looks like it is only going to be understood by the likes of the Swiffy runtime.js.

    I was hoping for something capable of giving this animation/effect but with end user friendly variables/code that can be modified to make changes as need be.

    If I have to start fresh to get it back to my preferences that’s fine, just hoping for an existing code base that has the capability to do this type of animation/effect to start from without starting entirely from scratch.

    Thanks though. Nice to know that Swiffy option is out there for one time/final conversions.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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