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    Hey all

    I am brand new here, after watching countless hours of the screen captures and developing a respect for the forum and snippets, i have a question for all of you out there on the inter-webs.

    I was searching around looking for some ideas for a project i am working on when i came upon this page:

    Now i liked all that they had going on alright but it was not until i realized that the background images was changing did i get really excited. It was subtle but worked really well and i spend a few hours trying to sift through the source and css and js with firebug trying to figure it out. Alas it was above my skill level so i am asking if anyone can help me out, or know how to code this.

    I may be in the wrong section but as the site was made with wordpress and i am working on a wordpress theme i figured that i might post it here.


    Hmmm… you must be seeing something that I’m not? I don’t see any background change on any page I visit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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