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    Hi there,

    Currently, I’m building mobile sites where I create a normal website and then a completely new website for my clients mobile site. The mobile website will have a url like

    The mobile site will have general ‘quick’ navigation items for people on the go. Things like phone numbers, directions, summary of services, etc.

    I’m running into problems doing this. I used someone’s plugin (to redirect mobile users to the mobile version) and that same person’s theme, but it’s not working out. It’s just a mess.

    **I guess I’m wondering is: how do you do mobile WordPress sites? Aside from responsive web design, that is.**

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    I’m guessing that there must be ‘mobile’ templates/themes out there.

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    Right. I’m aware of that. Did you read my post?

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    Ok, so what’s the exact issue? The fact that it doesn’t redirect?

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    It redirects to the mobile site, but when you’re on the mobile site and you go the ‘full site’, the links on the full site take you back to the mobile site.

    The developer of the plugin told me that you have to add the ‘?mobile-by-pass=true’ statement to all of your WordPress links. That just doesn’t seem practical to me.

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    use cookies. when the user leaves the mobile site a cookie is placed. You need to slightly modify the plugin to check for the cookie, if the cookie is not present it should do the device detection and redirect if mobile; otherwise it should skip over the detection is the cookie is in place

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