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    I was hoping to see what everyone’s opinion is on declaring print styles. In the past I have always seen them declared as a separate css file. However, lately I have been seeing them declared with @media print {} in the primary style sheet.

    My question is , “Does it matter which way that you declare the print styles or is it best to use the latter form of declaration?

    I could see using @media print being better because it would be one less http request. Just curious what everyone thinks.

    Also, when declaring print styles with @media print, do I need to declare everything else with @media screen? Or does that default to that? I’ve seen that both ways as well.

    The other reason I ask that is because I was trying to set a bottom border to rows in a table when the page is printed. I applied zebra striping and it is removed since it is a background color. But I can’t seem to get the print preview to show the bottom border when it’s declared in @media print as shown:


    Yes, I definitely use @media print, as you pointed out, it’s one less round trip to the server.

    You don’t need to declare @media screen or anything else for your defaults.

    As for your example, you’re not nixing out your background-color, and it’s the same color as your border-bottom. I bet it is rendering, but it’s just one more pixel on the background.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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