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    I am still developing my skills in HTML and CSS and I have been building a website in a text editor. I once used Dreamweaver while learning but I would much prefer a text editor like Sublime Text 2 or Notepad++, but every time I change any code in the header, nav or footer (because I didn’t spend enough time planning before starting the code) I then have to change that section in all pages.

    I remember in Dreamweaver creating a ‘template’ section that any changes in that section reflected on all other pages on auto.

    Is it possible to create a template section in any of the other text editors, or a way to make any alterations change all pages?

    Or, is there another way to do it??

    # January 24, 2013 at 11:45 pm

    I thought you might find this useful:

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    write each “section” in a separate file and assemble them later (if you’re using PHP, for example, you can use [include()]( to bring all of your templates together).

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