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    Hey folks, i figured i would see if any of yall have the inside scoop on this before i start Googling.

    A lot of the work i do is independent so i rarely need to collaborate with anyone. A buddy of mine from college and i will be working on a cool project in a few days. I hate having to send millions of emails to talk with someone real time. Are there any popular or super easy and clean kind of instant messaging systems available to chat in real time?

    I have used things like, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Instant Messenger, and a couple others but they are just full of stupid things i don’t need. I doubt i will need an animated cartoon puking while i need to ask about some code lol..

    Any suggestions are welcome and feedback on how you guys/gals communicate with partners will be super appreciated.

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    @AlenAbdula, i forgot to mention that one as well.. Thanks for your input, is that what you use?

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    Google+ chat, talk or hangouts… whatever it’s called, maybe? I don’t got any experience there but I’m looking for a decent way to chat about work-related stuff as well.

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    @CrocoDillon, thanks man. I have decided that i am just going to write my own in C# using the MSN Messenger SDK lol.. Totally bare bones messenger without all the garbage (ads, worthless extra junk). The only thing i am going to do is give it a KICKASS UI!!

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    At our office we use and

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    @thedoc, hey thanks for the input. I like the campfire one already. Text, share code, etc.. Nice share.

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