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    Hi all.

    I am a semi-amateur at web design, with some HTML and CSS under my belt.

    I have been asked to create a responsive image map, with the suggestion I use SVG.

    I do not know the first thing about how to create a responsive image map, only the old-school non-responsive kind.

    For example, I have an image of a city-scape. Each building needs to be a clickable item. So, rectangles to describe the building shapes, that are then clickable so we can do a pop-up of an image with some text.

    I was given something called JQuery-rwdImageMaps-master, but don’t know the steps from there. The github where this was found only provides this file without any instructions on github or otherwise, as if the user knows what to do with it.

    I have read that this is doable through jQuery and SVG, but need a recipe for this.

    Any tried and true processes out there for creating a responsive image map on an HTML website?

    Many thanks.

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