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    Sorry about that Melindrea for lack of information I provided. What my boss wants me to do is make pages for the nine different types of pest he controls. In one county they’re nine pages (all the pest). And they’re two different types of counties. 13 major counties, and an unknown amount of minor counties.

    For example, in St. Louis they’re currently 19 counties listed. In each one of those counties they’re nine pages for the types of pest he controls. What he wants me to do is write about these pest. He wants me to list facts about them, what kind of damage they do, etc. But the catch is.. He wants me to make all of the pages unique.

    So.. 19 minor counties in St. Louis, means 19 different termite pages. This means.. 19 pages about termites, that all pretty much say the same thing, but is reworded page to page. I am estimating having to do this 70-100 times just for termites. Multiply that number by eight and that will be my total. So I will have to list the same facts about termites in 70-100 different ways so then Google thinks these pages are filled with rich-content.

    It boils down to this. Will this drastically help his SEO? And am I the right person for the job as an amateur website designer.

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    It’s likely to harm the SEO. If the URL structure has to be different, you’re better off having a canonical link for each termite page, or something like that. Otherwise, have a basic blurb about each county, with links to whatever services they have in that county, would be my suggestion.

    If you’re comfortable writing that, you’re probably okay, if you’re not they should probably hire someone else, and/or use whatever texts they have for brochures/etc.

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    I totally agree with you on that when you click on a termite page it should go to a general information page about termites, instead of spending dozens of hours making different termite pages and costing him hundreds of dollars. Now, all I’ll have to do is convince them that that is the best idea lol.

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    It boils down to this. Will this drastically help his SEO?

    From what you’re saying, no.

    And am I the right person for the job as an amateur website designer.

    Sounds like the only way your client will be convinced is to hear that from a copywriter/SEO professional. He should be explaining what he wants to achieve, and then have a professional outline the best way to achieve it. At the moment it’s like him arriving at one of his customer’s houses, and his customer telling him what chemicals to spray instead of what bug infestation they have.

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    Thanks guys for the replies! Really though..

    I think I’m going to call him tomorrow and tell him that he would find better results by hiring a full time SEO/Copywriter expert. Obviously me being an amateur code junky I don’t do much work with SEO, nor have I been extremely interested in it. I’m more of a Java/Visual Basic/HTML programmer.

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    I don’t it would be a good idea to write same thing on those different pages, in stand point of SEO. Explain to him about duplication and what it can do with his website if penalize by google, but if he is not thinking of monetizing his website then no problem with duplication I think. It is my layman’s understanding on this situation.

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    I believe your boss is right. Having a unique page devoted to each region that has well-written unique content about each area and the pests that are there will absolutely help SEO. 585 is a lot of work. Start off practically with attainable goals at benchmark times and work your way up to all the counties.

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    Jophiel, I think what he wants might work. He wants me to rephrase this [page]( “page”) roughly 70-100 times. Lol is that even possible to say that information 70-100 times without it being repetitive? And 70-100 is an estimate. I have not gone through all 13 major counties and tallied up the amount of minor counties inside of each one.

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