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    Usually whenever I see tutorial videos (apart from the main subject) I learn a lot from their working habits, for example; they way they have set up their folders, what shotcuts they use.

    The best example was (long time a go) I say a jquery video, and half way through the author said something like “by the way you could have a code library” – that’s the only thing I remember from that video (but the author said it as something he assumed people know about). and also in the WordPress series by Chris in – got the idea of quick moodboards, or having a base for the project

    So I was wondering if someone knows any tip or any website which goes other how other professionals work, how they have set up their programming habits to help them not waste time in repetitive tasks.

    A normal way of achieving this is by having a tutor or an expert at work where you can look at how he does things. unfortunately I don’t have a job and all the people I know are in the same level as me

    As I don’t have access to these kind of people, I was wondering if there was anything around the web that could feel this gap?
    I have been looking for work and no luck, now I’m thinking of finding people that need simple websites so that I can get the experience (so I’m long away from having a work college of mentor to learn from)



    Hi Akurtula;

    If you’re into you may want to take a course called “PHP with MySQL Beyond the Basics” by Kevin Skoglund. This is a pretty in depth course on PHP and he tells you how to use includes and this will really help your work flow. As with any programming you need to develop a way to reuse snippets of code. Hope this helps.



    Thanks for the suggestion

    long a go I bought that course, to help me with my php course work, it was really helpful, but at the time, I was more concerned in getting the project done on time, and was not looking for “good practices”, so I will defensibly go through the series again

    I have also started to collect snippets; I just need to get used to using them for my personal benefit :).

    Also I have been watching Chrises videos (started sometimes 3 months a go) and of course they are fantastic; is it worth going through all the videos through number 1 or is it the case of

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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