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    Hi I want to be able to style a particular blog with a different style. There will be a competition blog I want to add a image badge at the top of the blog image saying "Competition!". So want to have the ability in WordPress to add a particular class so that when it displays on the index page whilst running the loop the blog post with class="competition" will have a special style to it.

    Will i need to add a separate category like competition and that any category in competition will have a different style? Does any one know any good ideas of how I would do this? Or any other websites that have a good solution to it?

    Also I want to have little short comic strips so they may need different styles to the blog as well. Is there an easy way in wordpress that i can select to give that particular blog to look differently?

    Hope you can help



    Hi thanks for the tip. Thats great to add particular styles to a blog post page. But what if I want to style the blog post on the index.php. Because on the index.php and you have all 10 latest blog posts displayed I want to be able to style one individual one like give it a different background. Is there a way to add a class to that blog post then?

    Hope you can help


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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