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    I know there are thousands of factors that affect the number of hours that are necessary to build, test, and deploy a site. But I wanted to put some feelers out there to get a sense of a reasonable timeline to complete a fairly simple website.

    For example, according to my Harvest reports I logged 39 hours in building the theme, implementing the content, testing, implementing client feedback and deploying this site: It’s built on WordPress and powered by Bootstrap. Advanced Custom Fields and Modern Tribe’s Events Calendar.

    Is that unacceptably slow, remarkably fast, or right on the money?


    If you opt to make your website the old-fashioned way – by writing the code yourself – it will take a lot longer time. But luckily, fast and easy website builders have emerged over the years. Personally, I use It’s a powerful website builder while also being very easy to use. It’s definitely one of the best website builders I’ve used; you should give it a try if you’re thinking of building one yourself, :)


    well i think its not slow because while doing same job it take me around 25-40 hours


    yeah i also think it depends upon the requirement and complexity of site


    I like the site and think it looks great. I’m guessing you haven’t been at it that long so why worry yourself.

    I like some of the flat UI elements in the design. Maybe it was your intention, but it might also look good to make the sign up buttons flat also. Maybe it’s just me but buttons with gradients remind me of older websites.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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