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    Participant lets you select a couple options and then download a “blueprint” of a basic site which is basically a package of folders and files for the start of a website (i.e. index page, css page, images folder, css and jquery linking; all that jazz). That way you don’t have to set it up yourself

    Some of the options you choose changes the content of the files. How is this done?

    Chris Coyier


    These files might be helpful…


    Nope, there’s nothing in those files that can dynamically alter files and package them


    You’re dynamically altering with PHP as it is posting the information back from the form.

    Reading and writing to files with PHP is actually quite easy, it could be that they have a template set up with a bunch of tags like {$doctype} that they do a find and replace based upon the postback from the form. Or it could be that they generate it all from scratch fopen() and file_get_contents() are two functions you may want to look into


    Im going to save this post. I’m planning a long project and it’s heavy in this kind of stuff.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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