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    Its fun again to build something in CSS …. It’s for more then a year I did my last project. But after seeing Chris video’s I realy wanted to do one myself :)

    The project I’m building is a tricky one for me. This because of the design. I’m strugling with the expansion of the website. When its getting longer only the midpart can expand because that on the left side we have decoration that makes it hard to repeat on y.

    So we split the design in four parts, header, flexible midpart (that makes i possible to get longer pages), lower part and footer.

    In FireFox it looks almost good, I see some bugs in the footer, but in IE6 its a complete dissaster because of the png files in the css file. In IE7 I see things go wrong in the content div, but don’t ask me why (just tell me why it is ;) )

    Things to be done later is to slice te shadowparts again, because I sliced them to short so now the shadows end hard.

    Ok, shoot but don’t aim on the head in the first round, if you want to let me suffer.

    Chris Coyier

    Hey John,

    I think it looks great! Nice work. I think there are some simple tweaks that could help… You already saw the slight cut-short on the shadow, that would be nice to see end more smoothly. I could even see shadow being night quite so large and taking on a bit yellow-er and deeper tone. The text in the footer could get kicked over a little bit so it fits inside the yellow bar. Also not sure if I like the "hair-comb" effect in the footer, maybe some more drips or dots from elsewhere in the design. Lastly, not sure if the removal of the knockouts in the letters of the logo is a good idea. Makes it a bit harder to read. All little nitpicky stuff — just trying to be helpful!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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