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    and the image also fills the whole page.

    I have read ‘Bulletproof full page background images don’t exist. see

    The muse-themes solution looks pretty close to perfect for my liking.

    Have a look here

    Click on the menu burger on the bottom left corner and you will see a female. Regardless of the size of the browser the aspect ratio is perfect just some parts of the image appear/disappear.

    I cannot get this affect using their CSS (.html {
    background: #352a35 url(“/images/menu_bg.jpg”) no-repeat scroll center center / cover ;

    My image is chopped off at the top and also the page shows the background color when the browser is very large.

    My style sheet editor does not like ” / cover” so I suspect it is some sort of ‘instruction’ to JavaScript ???

    EDIT: I replaced ‘scroll’ with ‘fixed’ and got the desired effect. (why does muse have scroll I wonder?)
    I also realised ‘/ cover’ is CSS3. Now to investigate what browsers this won’t work on and find workarounds – if possible.

    EDIT2: Very good article here


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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