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    How do you organize your resources?

    I’m curious, do you use a complex folder hierarchy, Adobe Bridge or Bridge alternatives, or are you just lazy and leave files sitting on your Desktop or Downloads folder?

    I do a bit of webdesign and I must say I re-use quite a few things. I also enjoy collecting cool stuff I find on various blogs like css-tricks. Having the assets locally makes it easier for me to quickly prototype and explore mockups.

    *Disclosure: I’ve sorta-kinda been working on an app to help solve my issue with organizing resources. I’m just trying to see if my tool is something that is needed and could be useful to others.*


    I have thought about something similar but just couldn’t really see how it would be useful. I have seen chris put his files into different folders and then store them all in the same places. I usually just end up searching for what I need online. I am going to try and get away from storing things on my puter

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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