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    I am curious how do you learn new or update current knowledge :)

    I discovered beauty of doing only one thing at a time
    so yo do not get distracted

    I study every month only a single topic and then go to next one
    I have ordered this in need of getting new info

    from most important (what I know bad or need to learn) to the least important to me
    here is my learning curve:

    Jan = JavaScript
    Feb = jQuery
    Mar = PHP
    Apr = SQL
    May = WordPress
    Jun = HTML5
    Jul = CSS3
    Aug = Haml + Sass
    Sep = XML + JSON
    Oct = Photoshop
    Nov = Git
    Dec = User Experience


    I used to learn in prescribed segments like yourself but I find it often results me coming back to issues that I previously learned but since forgotten. I think the trick is to set yourself projects that incorporate a number of areas so you keep learning multiple areas as you go.


    i learn as needed.

    i find it very difficult to retain knowledge im not currently applying to a project. its mostly in one ear out the other unless i can physically see how the information is relevant to my needs/interests.


    When i first started out i just watched a lot of random videos about anything to do with the web and eventually just learned on my feet from there, I still don’t have any logic to how I learn as I’m always learning new things at work all the time there for i just do something and hope it works otherwise I spend around 10-20 mins researching on Google.


    my preferred method is through personal projects. That way you are learning in order, but quicker. A) pen&paper B) quick photoshop C) html D) mysql and php E) js

    and as it is a personal project, it does not need to make sense, In few cases I started making a simple quiz and ended up have lots other features. – personal projects are the best.

    when I started learning html5 and css3 (for example) I started creating a website which I called “learning html5 and css3” and spend as much time in php to get the structure, as well on the html5 and css3. though of course if I uploaded that site, everyone would hate it, as it is pointless.

    I did try to learn jquery, without anything else, and I found that I forgot other things

    I also hate going through tutorials (from start to finish) I just get the best bits and create my own thing

    To learn JS you should look around and pick a cool feature that someone has created with JS (from real websites) and try to create something like it. Though without looking at their code. and of course it does not have to be the same as what you see

    In a movie a heard a quote “the secret to writing is just to write”. thats why, a personal project could be the aim of creating a cool banner, and could easily end up with an entire site – not logical for the real world but the best thing for learning.


    Even better, to learn JS, if you have created anything before, duplicate it and kill the hell out of it with js


    Mostly from surfing the net. Learning from others. Thanks CSS-Tricks!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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