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    OK for anyone that knows a fair amount about wordpress i think this should be quite easy but i am having a brain melt.

    ok… the website i am looking at is so anyone that helps me out will have the benefit of looking at hot girls at the same time!

    the way that posts are laid out is nice… on the main page you get the title of the post and then one big picture with 3 smaller pics below.

    if you click the title you’ll go to the main post which is all good. it then lists all the pics in that post (not just the 1 big pic and the 3 below) and then lists all the other posts of that girl.

    if you click one of the pics it goes to a kind of gallery with a big full size pic of the girl and has a numbered list of all the pics.

    so just to conclude…
    this is the website…
    if you scroll down to like kim kardashian you can click the title to get to the main post
    then if you click a picture you go to this page with the numbered list like this

    1) are they using custom fields to pull in the pics for the post and then just showing an excerpt on the index page?
    2) how are the pics linking to a different page gallery?
    3) how are they getting that numbered list with all the photos?

    i understand a lot of the wordpress system so if you couldl explain the way this works to me i would be really grateful. don’t worry about being patronising or treating me like a dumb ass as i really appreciate the help and need it explained.


    Hi does anyone know how to help me on this? it’s really baking my brain! Thanks! :)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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