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    Hi, just a workflow question.
    If you have a web project that requires a CMS, do you directly do it there? For example, WordPress, do you directly code it as a WordPress site or you do it as a plain HTML and then convert it to a CMS?

    I tried starting directly as WordPress site a few times but I think I’m doing it slower compared to doing it in plain HTML especially if I’m still designing things from the browser. But of course, I’m thinking why do I need to code twice to have one result. lol.


    Are you talking about editing code in WordPress’ editor?

    Because if so… I gotta say “screw that!”


    If you’re inside WordPress, the look of the site is controlled by the theme you choose.

    You can edit the theme’s CSS file to alter it a little bit, but if you’re doing major changes, you should just make your own theme.

    A good first stage for building your own theme would be to just get a basic style guide going in HTML, but coding it completely might be a waste. Doing your own theme in WordPress means you’ll have to know quite a bit about PHP.

    Since there are so many millions of themes out there, it’s pretty easy to find something that’s close to what you want and just edit the CSS. Some of the more complex, most of the time paid, themes have a lot of built-in shortcodes for laying out pages or posts in ways that make it close to having full control over the HTML.


    If you’re talking about coding my own customized theme: no, I do NOT do it in static HTML first and then move it over to WordPress.

    I do everything right away in the WordPress theme templates. I usually start with header.php, footer.php and then go from there.

    If you’re not very experienced with WP, it’s normal to do it in static files first. Doing it straight in WP may be a litte confusing, or may appear very tedious. But it’s one of those things that you’ll get the hang of, and it just becomes easier and second nature over time. Practice makes perfect!

    (Note: of course you can replace WordPress with any other CMS of choice)


    (Note: of course you can replace WordPress with any other CMS of choice)

    And I would.


    Good for you, Chris! :)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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