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    Like most of you… I spend my entire day at a computer. Lately, I’ve been having some eye strain issues. I try to be very aware of light and glare on my screen and position myself in such a way that I don’t need to strain in order to look at the screen. Still, at the end of the day, occasionally, I’ll have an eye that aches and looks all bloodshot.

    Do you guys get this? What should I do? Do I need glasses?


    What should I do?

    See a Doctor!


    Do I need glasses?

    Anyone using monitors for several hours a day should have their eyes checked at least one a year.

    A good optician (at least that’s what we call them in the UK) should ask you about the distance you are from the monitor as well as other age, health factors.

    …and looks all bloodshot.

    Now THAT is not a good sign.


    It’s very, very good to position your monitor in a place where you can casually (effortlessly) look past it, into the distance. Gives your eyes a way to refocus when needed. A window is best.

    Keep the screen and ambient light levels roughly equal, keep the monitor a screenlength-and-a-half away, and see an optometrist : )


    Obviously, go see an optometrist.

    Outside of that, drinks lots of water. Not only is that simply a good idea in general, but it also forces you to break away from the computer a lot because of constant runs to the toilet. When I get into the office I fill a 2.2L jug that sits on my desk; it’s been a huge help.


    Blink! I had just read some tips, forgetting the source at the moment. We blink a lot less when staring at the screen. Every 20 mins at a minimum I would look away. Every once in a while get up for a quick break. But all the other suggestions are great too.

    I drink coffee, water so I make frequent trips to the restroom as well. Its a difficult thing to deal with. Some days I would get the gnarliest screen headache! I have my monitor setup at a good distance and all that mess too. Glares have bothered me in the past as well. Just got to get a good setup that is comfortable for you.


    I’m a bit unconventional I guess, but I keep a concrete block next to my chair and whenever I have eyestrain, back-pain, or any other ache related to my being at my desk too long, I pick the block up and drop it on my foot. I’ve found the pain takes my mind off of any other ache I had and as added bonuses the exercise I get from hopping around the office holding my foot helps muscle aches, and the crying soothes my tired eyes all of which prompted me to drop the block on my foot to begin with. Sure, I have to wear corrective shoes now, but I figure the money I’ve saved in eye drops, Chiropractor visits, and visits to the Eye Doctor have offset the costs of special shoes.


    Ha ha ha. All good suggestions. I think I will go see an eye doctor.

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