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    I’m working with a new client, re-building their site in WP. I noticed a few days ago, that they have never actually backed up their database or their site since the time they have set up shop.

    It’s an online magazine – so they blog several times a day. I know there’s free plugins that automate DB backups, but wondered how everyone else does it?

    I spoke to the guys in media temple where the site is hosted, and figured they might offer a daily service where they would back up the DB and site for a fee, but they don’t offer this service.

    My only other alternatives I can see is setting up a third party server (S3 Amazon), and setting up a Cron job to migrate all the images, posts, users, pages, etc daily to this server.

    Any thoughts or feedback or suggestions are all welcome.

    ps. When I did a DB and site export it was around 3GB as these guys deal in rich photography (and like to have HEAVY images on the page).

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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