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    OK so I am really starting to catch on making a WP website but there is one place I am stumped and I dont know where to look to learn about what to do. I made my new pages in the WP panel right. Where do I go to write up the HTML code and apply my styling. Is there a PHP file new pages are under?

    For example.. on my site
    I have an about page, I have text in there from where I typed it in in the WP admin panel, but where do I go to start applying my styling for my about page? I was able to style the background and stuff that I want to be the same on all pages by adding my styling to my page.php file but what about when I want to do different stuff on different pages.

    Any resources on where I can learn about this or information you can share would be great! thanks

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    If you want to do different stuff on different pages, you need to use different page templates. One way to do this is to duplicate that page.php file and call it something else, like page-custom.php. Then at the top, put this:


    When you are editing the page in WordPress, there now will be an option "Page Template" which you can select this new template from.

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    Oh ok.

    Basically when I make my real site, Im going to have about 4 pages, About, Blog, Portfolio, and Contact

    for the about, blog, and contact, I dont think Ill need a separate template, but for portfolio I plan on using lightbox or something like that for displaying my work.. I guess I just dont know where I will plug the lightbox stuff in. Would that be the one that I would make a separate page in or, would I just plug that in through WP.

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    hi Lin,

    For lightbox you can use a wp plugin that will let you add a simple line to your anchor in your post to display in a lightbox.

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    I was just looking into that. The plugin search on WP is being kinda funny right now and I havent found it yet.

    might be a dumb question but… what is an Anchor? Is it a line of code?

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    An anchor is a refering to something inside the "document" basically an internal link. a link is external. Its just jargon for domestic and international flights lol

    Some good examples here:

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