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    Hello fellow WordPress geniuses. I recently decided to create a WordPress blog with the design provided below. I have created several blogs before but not as advanced as this one. So I’m wondering how I should start off creating such a blog. At the moment it’s just a .psd file. And I have tried to code it but it didn’t turn out so well …

    Just to explain a little. The four boxes on the side are = Date, Comments, Read more (of this entry) and Categories showed with an image. Is there a way in wordpress to line up the metacontent the way I want it? if so how?

    I was thinking of having a div that wraps the text, images and headings, while the other div wraps the metadata somehow. Thats how far I got.

    Current site is

    So the question in short is: How do I markup this from the start? I’m using Starkers naked theme at the moment and it’s totally empty of divs. Please help!



    it appears that you have it going pretty well, as for the date (the only part I see the isn’t quite on point) you could pass it the date format you need in your WordPress loop.

    for instance, in you WordPress loop, when it calls the_time(), pass in the date format like this.


    j -Day of the month without leading zeros.
    S-English ordinal suffix for the day of the month, 2 characters (e.g. "th", "nd", "rd", etc.)

    you can learn more about hat here,

    then simply style it appropriately with css, by targeting .thetime ( I fire bugged your code to get the class name you were using.)


    Thanks for the reply. I however figured it out the ugly way. By taking a template that looked similiar to the one I was thinking and remade it to look like the draft/framework. Quite happy with the result and the meta info is no longer a problem and all the divs are alignned the way they should be. But I came pretty darn close into making my very own wordpress theme from absolute scratch ad I’m happy about that, however for now I need to learn some more about wordpress before taking the step of making a new theme from say Starkers nude theme.

    Whoever is moderating this forum can file this into the [solved] ones if you wish.

    Thanks for the time anyway.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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