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    How do I make a message board type thing so I can have a text box on the home page for announcements and so a user can insert the text via a form on another page that users cannot access? does that make sense?

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    it would require alot of scripting to do that. For what purpose do you need this? What kind of information are you needing to update? How secure do you need it to be?

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    Basicly I want to have a paragraph section on the home page that is highlighted and want to be able to have a link on the page for somone that is logged in so that she can edit just the text in that paragraph without having to go and change the code i.e on a form. It doesn’t have to be too secre and ideally would use the phpbb login.

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    I think what you should do is check out using wordpress. This sounds like exactly what you need. You can create any page and have just that one person edit the page. the code is already written for you, you can have the site look like anything you want. Check out the video’s chris did on wordpress in the videos section. I do not know of any other way to have this done.

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