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    Ive been coding and doing html/css for a year or 2 now and i want to know how do i tell if i good enough to do freelance work?

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    I tend to think you are good enough if you have the confidence to say "I know what I am doing" and that you can convey that to a potential client. It’s less about your skills (though you obviously have to be able to follow through on what you say you can do) and more about being confident and selling yourself to potential clients. Getting that first client can be a bit tough, especially if you don’t really have previous work to point to… still, you may have friends or family you’ve done work for, or class work if you have attended classes to learn about web design. Having a high quality portfolio is really important — it’s probably your best selling point.

    If you don’t have a personal portfolio website at this point, that is where I would start. Build a high quality site that will impress potential visitors. Show them that you are a professional, and you can design and develop their websites in a professional manner. If you don’t have previous sites to show, you may consider building your portfolio by accepting one or two small projects and doing them for no/little money. Are you a student? Find a club or organization that needs a web presence, or could use an upgrade. Find a local non-profit that could use a bit of low cost help.

    I originally started freelancing (as most people do) by doing web design work for friends and family. Whenever I could, I would talk to the people I meet about what I do, pass out my business cards, developing potential contacts. Personal work led into an internship doing web design and graphic design work, which eventually led into me building a strong portfolio and bringing in more freelance work.

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    "Ben*" wrote:
    Ive been coding and doing html/css for a year or 2 now and i want to know how do i tell if i good enough to do freelance work?

    If you are sure that you can fully work with CSS for freelance jobs. Register your self with freelance websites. ( odesk , get freelance , behire and so many sites) attache your work done with your profile. Try to get jobs.

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    I you have quality, first select skill few area then you make sample of your work & go the freelance site like – odesk, elance, getafreelancer et. then you will get job. I think you will enough as freelance work if you can show your performance.

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