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    Hi! I’m really stuck. I want to install all this great stuff. I found CSS/Javascript that I can use but once again, I do not know where to place the files. For example: Button Switches I have a Folder: CSS-Folder: Font-Folder: Images-Folder: JS
    and also 4 index.html files. I am using a wordpressmu site. I have a CSS window on each page to insert code and of course the wp html area. Do I place the entire folder with all its content on the host in the publichtml location? Or, do I place these folders separately…and if so, where? I have been trying to get an answer to this question for almost 3 weeks reading articles, etc. Any advice you might be able to provide I would really appreciate.

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    @Bizolly, your css and js files are placed in your theme/child-theme directory.

    Look at this tutorial for help on calling them into your theme.

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    Hi Chris

    I will read the tutorial. Do I keep all the files in this folder or do I take each folder out and place them in the themes’ folders: css, js, images?

    I really appreciate any advice, Thanks for helping.

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    When you make edits to a theme, it’s best to create a child theme to make those changes, as any future updates to that theme will reset your changes. With that being said, I create a child-theme, then keep my style.css in the root of my child-theme, and any js in a folder inside the root of the the same childtheme.

    So… /wp-content/themes/my-child-theme/style.css for CSS

    /wp-content/themes/my-child-theme/myjs.js for JS

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    Chris, I know this confusion is all based on the fact that I have so much to learn, please bare with me.

    My theme has a childtheme: Dynamix is the theme.
    It provides a blank CSS, etc.

    Do I place the CSS code (cut/paste) it to the style.css they provided or do I place the CSS style document from the folder I downloaded into the CSS folder of my child theme?

    I hope you understand what I’m trying to ask you. The reason is I have several things to add and the CSS code for each item is very long. Its hard to imagine cutting/pasting all this code into one CSS style document as it would end up being a very long document and I’m not sure how I would separate each feature….see?

    Thanks for your patience here!

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    @Bizolly, ok, I think I’m getting a better idea of what you’re looking to have a bunch of different plugins that you want incorporated into your child theme?

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    I don’t know if these are plugins but I downloaded items from such as buttons, sliders, etc. They come in a folder that includes folders: css, js, images….

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    sorry that was suppose to be:

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    In that case, what I would do is put a /js/ directory in your child theme, and enqueue your scripts as explained in the tutorial I linked to previously, then I’d add assign classes/ID’s to your WP template files that you’d like to style, then cut and paste any css needed from those plugins in your style.css.

    I wouldn’t import all the css files from all the plugins, that’s just overkill, and chances are, they have styles that overlap each other as well.

    EDIT: WP comes with jquery installed too, so you only need to enqueue the actual plugin, not the jquery file attached.

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    Hmmm…..I’m not sure I can do this…skill wise I mean. I did read the tutorial you suggested but as informative as it was it didn’t address this particular situation.

    Chris you have been very kind to spend this time. I’m not sure how to do all this but please know I do appreciate it!

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    I’m looking for another resource tutorial that might help me implement your suggestion. I found

    And, I’ll start reading! ;-)

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    @Bizolly, I’d recommend any other tutorial site besides, personally, I don’t find their info consistent/reliable/updated

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    Ok then, I’ll keep looking. What do you think of:

    Where would I go to learn how to: assign classes/ID’s to your WP template files that you’d like to style? as it relates to this situation.

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    I’m not familiar, but if you’re looking to invest in your learning, I hear good things about Treehouse.

    I also really like, I believe they offer free video tutorials, but with a subscription, they allow you to download the demo files and work along side the video.

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    Very good, I’ll explore them! I’ve also found:

    You’ve been AWESOME Chris!

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