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    I have been having trouble learning off the internet so I could learn HTML,CSS,Flash,JavaScript…etc How did everyone start because I do not know where to learn basics then to advanced. I am in college but my school does not provide it. :cry: Maybe to start off where is the best place to learn basic HTML from the start?

    Thanks :D


    in 9th grade my mom got our first comp. i thought websites were the coolest thing ever and wanted to know how they worked so a friend told me about view source and thats it.

    i started viewing the source of every site trying to see what did what, finally started figured all that out and it snowballed.

    then image ready / dreamweaver made life pretty easy for a while there with tables but i saw the light and got back to good ol fashioned handcoding to do xhtml and css.

    in highschool i used to write code on notebook paper and take it home and plug it in to see if i had memorized everything right.

    to learn css, i got my hands on the CSS training videos from


    I am going to try out and see if i can learn at least the basics of HTML and CSS. :D


    I have a few Lynda books, and her learning library is really good. I would suggest two things:

    1. Get a library card
    2. Go to different tutorial sites and any book that is referenced I would go out and get at your local library for $0

    Working through code examples and learning the reasoning behind certain methods is important. In our world of online tutorials, and wiki’s and "get everything from the internet". There is still a place for good, old-fashioned books. You know, the kind with pages and everything… Save yourself the money and maybe start there…


    Hi eveyone, I have struggled lots of times to understand html and css, but a couple of weeks ago I had had enough and decided that it was about time I took it seriously and learnt how to write it. the first book I bout was the CSS missing manual , good but to complected for a new learner, so after searching amazon I decided to try the head first html with css & xhtml. Now these books are not for everyone but it worked for me, some people don’t understand the teaching method and find or think that its not technical enough.

    I then found this site and followed the videos and built my first site, here is a link to it Its not to bad for a first attempt


    2 essential css books are bulletproof web design and css mastery if youre in the market for sitting down and reading them. i read bulletproof after i had a already been building sites and it gave me a lot of good insight. its laid out so you can go through and use stuff as you need it to.

    im reading css mastery now and its really good.

    one thing i found is that even if you know what you’re doing, getting affirmation that you’re doing it right means alot. it will also help you work faster bc you dont have to second guess yourself you’ll just do it.

    and you’ll pick up little stuff you didnt know about. like the meaning behind things etc

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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