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    I am kind of confused. I try to get a valid conform time only time element with a time-zone offset. But the validator is steadily throwing errors at me. :/ The basic time only markup works and validates:

    <time datetime="14:00">14:00</time>

    But as soon as i add a time-zone offset like:

    <time datetime="14:00+2:00">14:00</time>

    I get errors. As well as if i try to expand the time with seconds or only use the the offset.

    <time datetime="14:00:00+2:00">14:00</time>
    <time datetime="+2:00">14:00</time>

    Anybody knows what the correct markup would be?


    Your markup is valid, according to both the w3c HTML5.1 Draft and the WHATWG Living Standard.

    Note that the w3’s validator comes with the following warning:

    Using experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker.

    The validator checked your document with an experimental feature: HTML5 Conformance Checker. This feature has been made available for your convenience, but be aware that it may be unreliable, or not perfectly up to date with the latest development of some cutting-edge technologies. If you find any issues with this feature, please report them. Thank you.
    [emphasis added]


    Thanks a lot for clarification! A relief. ;)

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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