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    I want to know how I can make the following :

    I use WordPress.

    Let’s say I make it a locked site only for me.

    How can I add Google reviews, yelp reviews etc. to a page that will display all my business reviews in one organized location in which I will also be able to reply from without needed To go to a different site to respond


    By using iframes maybe?


    Curious to know if using JSON with AJAX would work.

    I came across this while looking into options for my own site:

    success:function(feed) {


    I think you might be able to show active feeds on a site (if cross domain origin is allowed) but you won’t be able to post anything. Not that I still think that’s likely possible with an iframe. I haven’t ever actually tried but suspect it might generally be a security risk because the parent site could see what you’re typing. Same domain it’ll work though, I’ve embedded a contact page in an iframe before.


    Thanks for all the responses. It sucks that doing this seems so complicated lol I noticed though that there are some websites offering this service for a monthly fee. Basically, you sign up and then you have a dashboard with all of your business reviews, besides being able to view them all in one place organized, you can also respond right there from the site’s dashboard instead of having to sign in and go to all the individual links.

    I wanted to do this myself without paying and just using wordpress. Guess not ! lol Seems super complicated to me, and it seems that I actually would have to pay for like using googles API to do this when I did some research. So, either way, theirs no escaping a monthly fee.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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