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    Im a photoshop beginner and that is a stretch, however, im a quick learner and good at following instructions.

    I have an image of a car:

    And i want to put a picture of someone behind the glass. Could this effect be achieved? I’ve played around with the idea of finding a color medium and putting an overlay over the person but it just doesnt seem to work.

    This is totally for educational purposes and shits and giggles so by all means, i dont expect anyone to break their backs trying to figure this out but if you have some really cool resources i would deff love to check them out..


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    @alexmccabe So maybe not the task for an absolute beginner with photoshop lol?

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    It would be a lot of mask work…I don’t know if you’re at all familiar with masks but you can apply a layer mask to any layer by clicking the icon on the bottom of the layers palette that looks like a grey box with a white circle. You then select the mask (which would have appeared as a white box next to your image in the same layer) and you can draw on it in either black or white. Black will start erasing areas of the image, white will bring them back. The beauty of this is that you’re not destroying the original image and you can use soft brushes to blend the photo in with another background.

    Then you can use a clipping masks – make another layer above the layer you were just working on – for the hell of it just paint a massive white blob over half of the image. Now hover between the two layers and hold alt and click. the top (blob) layer will appear indented and that means it is clipped by whatever is in it’s parent layer below…

    This is a great way to do glass reflections as you can draw blurred white lines all over the page and then clip them all within a shape (like the shape of a window) – and again, none of it is destructive to the original image.

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    @alexmccabe & @iknowdavehouse, thanks guys for the helpful tips.. Totally gonna give this a try now.. Thanks again!

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