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    I tend to work REALLY fast when I’m initially developing something. I’m not saying I work faster than others, just faster than maybe I should.

    I like to bang out a working prototype and go back and tidy things up later.

    Is this how I should be doing it? Or should I work clean from the start?

    I definitely try to keep overall objectives in mind as I code, however, I’m afraid of losing ideas and momentum… so I can’t spend too much time dwelling on details initially.

    Is this ok? I mean… that’s what version control is for right?


    If it works (and is stable), it’s probably “clean enough.” And no, prototypes certainly don’t need to be shiny under the hood.


    I think it depends a bit on how much needs to be tidied up, since overall it’s unlikely you’re going to be going back to fix it if it’s too messy =)

    I like to keep my work linted and following a particular codestyle, and to at least consider if the code is in the appropriate place.

    An organized mind tends to write better code, but don’t worry about optimisation or whether your variables should be used in a more efficient manner etc. I’d say that as long as you have a consistent style and avoid things that would make you blush if someone saw it, and it’s stable and working, it’s clean enough.


    Sometimes I think I try to code for other coders…

    just keep in mind, in a few months, you will be one of those “other coders.” : )


    I work in a team where all pull requests have to go through a peer review process. If I’m not clean when I’m committing my changes somebody is definitely going to call bullshit and make me do it anyways.


    @Joe_Temp Not if you have a codesniffer/linting tool connected to the pre-commit git hook. Then it’s not playing nice that’s hard =)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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