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    Hello guys, i need to custom my modal using bootsrap that user cannot close it by enter the url, Thanks

    here is my demo

    Thanks for any comments !


    Oh i see, honestly i make modal in bootsrap that user should click cancel button if they already upload image or something inpu type cause some input type and images already insert to database ?

    I create modal has upload images (dropzone) which upload to server ?

    i want users only click cancel button to make data which already insert can delete by jquery but realiaze that user can enter the url then modal close ?

    how about data already insert to table, make me stress about it ?

    then i found another way, i just keep moving don’t care data but when user login or log out i should delete it by where clause is_used=’0′

    Thanks uncle :D


    Oke thanks Paulie i guess it’s about css stuff so i posted here, i’m sorry if i’m wrong !

    yes that’s impossible to make modal still open when user enter the url in browser cause as like you said above hijacking browser,

    i search and found in githbu forget to drop link here !

    Thanks again Uncle Paulie

    Freddy Sidauruk

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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