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    As You can see in the example; the boxes (after floating) gets a white space under it in order to make a room for an equal row of divs but I wanna float all of ’em to fill the gaps.. any suggestions?

    That’s what I wanna do (example is a jpg img)

    Thanks in advance.


    Take a look at Masonry:


    To achieve the look in the second example simply give all the divs the same height
    edit// nevermind, after taking a closer look that’s not what you have there (but maybe it should be – its so close anyway)


    Ya I’ve tried it after I couldn’t manage to work with it.. Demos suck big time.. currently trying Columnizer and i’m gonna tell you the results and if anyone has a better way I’d be very glad to know about specially if it was done by pure css.. Thanks Kralle :)


    @wolfcry911 They all have the same height except the ad box & the featured box.. Both are half of the height of the other (dynamic) boxes..

    And columnizer was kinda failure because it affected the two boxes on the top (featured & ad) and i’m using ’em to make the boxes like chess post’s thumb, another post’s text, another post’s thumb.. etc

    Screenshot in the next link

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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