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    i finally got the social buttons on top of the banner, now im trying to fill in that little space with a like button.. i pasted the code in just like i did with the social buttons but it is being stubborn on is underneath.. how could i get the button to the right of the twitter image, preferably center of the twitter pic



    ok, your div .textwidget is not wide enough. I put it at 150px, floated right the like button and put a margin-top of -55px. The best would be to float everything or position relative on the div and the elements could be abs.positioned. There’s different ways.


    Yeah, that “like” button is notoriously difficult to style.

    Float the social network anchors (<a>’s) to the left. Then, increase the width of the div or the li that contains your social buttons to about 170 px. This should be wide enough for your like button to move up while keeping the Twitter button in place. Then add about 20 px of top margin to the like button’s iframe.


    @seb_z_lite has some good suggestions. Absolute positioning will probably give you the most control.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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