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    I wonder , How can I become The best web designer , and what i should study and Learn ?

    I know the basics of photoshop , but I lack of ideas for unique web designs and elements

    I also like drawing in papers ,

    help me , I feel I can but I wanna the way to this !!


    There is no way to be the “best”. Learn Illustrator (the pen tool takes time).

    I would especially recommend learning about Typography (combining styles, web fonts, kerning, tracking, hinting, setting line-height and most importantly how to determine well designed typefaces from bad).


    With enough practice and determination, you may someday become “the best” …only time will tell. Learn HTML and CSS.

    It is not possible for you to become a UI.


    thx for your replys chrisburton , traq

    I already know HTML , CSS , JS , jQuery , PHP , MySQL and working on developing wordpress themes

    The problem I face , I code alot and using photoshop little this year and this far me away from what i love (design and drawing )

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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