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    Give me some interesting advice :)


    Without knowing how little/far advanced you are currently, its hard to give advice. From my experiences…

    I went through a couple Junior/Community College (A.A./A.A.S) programs at first, to learn the different programs I would be using, (namely Macromedia now Adobe). Then after I was done, I realized, I still didn’t know shit. All they teach you are WYSIWYG type crap, plug and play programs, design view only in DW, etc. So then I decided to go back to school again and I went to a fairly well known named trade/technical style school (though it is an Accredited College) and earned a B.S in Web Development with a very inspiring instructor for the first HTML/CSS course. He teaches you the basics, and by the end 100 hours of lecture, the students who want it, strive for it and learn the most important and valuable lesson; (in my opinion) which is to teach yourself and learn from your mistakes and continue researching and learning. And don’t slow down in this industry, everything advances pretty darn quick. And practice practice practice.

    Also, if you don’t know something, try it out anyway. You can hurt or break anything designing or developing a site, so test it out. I always try and then finally when I am stuff, I will ask here or other friends int he industry to help out (not to code it for me). My .02 cents

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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