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    So I am doing a website in squarespace (I know, I am a casual website designer peasant), but I really need help for this. My websites have 8 little icons underneath the 8 gigantic Banner Images that are a slideshow. The icons each represent one of the 8 images in the slideshow. I want to create an effect that when you put your mouse over one of the icons, it changes the slideshow image to the one it is related to. Does anyone know how to do it??


    I did something almost identical for something at work, (which isn’t live yet so I can post a link). I had to use some jQuery, nothing fancy, but if you are just casual and using Square Space (FYI I have no idea how square space works – I’ve never even seen the backend, so I don’t know how much control you have) it might be a little tricky to execute. I would search on CodePen for someone doing something similar and use the code if you are able to add custom code to square space themes.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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