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    Hello again!

    I’m in need of help for a final element of my online portfolio.

    I’ve implemented an image carousel of work (just images) and I would love to show (unhide a div of text) a little info about each piece when the image is clicked.

    Only twist is the carousel is horizontally scrolling, I can’t seem to position the toggling div (that is un-hidden using a small bit of javascript) to the right of the image, so it pushes the images to the right of it along.

    I’ve included a little diagram to help get my point across. (

    Here’s the small piece of javascript I’m trying to use, the only difference in the code I’m trying to produce is the clickable text is a clickable image on my website.


    That works really well! But when multiple ‘images’ are used the carousel, enough to go beyond the horizontal edge of the screen, instead of flowing onwards to the right it (so you can scroll horizontally) it ‘breaks’ and goes under it.


    I’ll post this problem in Javascript Jungle, thanks!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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